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Creating a content strategy for the online business magazine Capmad

When this Madagascar-based startup wanted to shine a light on investment opportunities across Africa for its business audience, it needed a short, up-to-the-minute blog content strategy.

The online African business magazine wanted to launch with hundreds of topical blog posts written, to accompany its investment insights and in-depth market analyses. 

With my newspaper background and the support of my SEO and content strategy team at my SEO Content Agency, Contese, I created four months of daily content that went behind the news headlines. Based on a strong SEO strategy and a deep dive into key business and finance topics, we mapped out a blog post plan, created headlines, suggested SEO keywords and structured posts so that Capmad’s team could start writing.

The online business magazine launched with a strong back catalogue of content, helping build its authority, position it online and connect with its targeted readership.  

Image regarding the case study on creating a content strategy for the online business magazine, Capmad


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