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Celebrating Jet2holidays’ market-leading position

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Jet2holidays, on its path to becoming the top tour operator in the UK, strategically collaborated with Mail Metro Media to develop an extensive partnership. This venture encompassed a diverse range of platforms such as online articles, newspaper pull-outs, emails, and display advertising. To effectively spotlight various destinations and emphasize the advantages of package holidays, Jet2holidays established exclusive editorial partnerships with pivotal tourist boards. Additionally, a substantial amount of content was required over an extended period. As the primary journalist responsible for this abundant content creation task, my objective was to accurately convey the distinctive tone of voice synonymous with Jet2holidays.

When Jet2holidays was about to become the leading tour operator in the UK, it invested in a wide-ranging partnership with Mail Metro Media to create online articles and newspaper pull-outs, emails and display advertising. Building its own editorial partnerships with key tourist boards, Jet2holidays needed content to celebrate certain destinations, as well as pieces focused on promoting the benefits for package holidays. It also needed a high volume of content over multiple months. As the principal journalist working across all this content, it was my job to reflect the Jet2holidays tone of voice, build up excitement for the brand and meet tight deadlines.


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