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Checking in to Oku Ibiza: the island's newest boutique hotel

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

For my feature article in the Times travel section, I indulged myself with a luxurious getaway at Oku Ibiza, an exquisite boutique hotel that showcases a more laid-back and artistic aspect of Spain's renowned party island. Immerse yourself in opulence by embarking on a sophisticated journey to this modern five-star establishment and savoring divine meals crafted by Michelin-star chefs. All while enjoying the soothing melodies drifting from the serene beach clubs and admiring the picturesque glow emanating from charming coves along Ibiza's coast.

In my piece for the Times travel section, I enjoyed a lavish stay at Ibiza's new luxury boutique hotel, Oku Ibiza, seeing a more relaxed, bohemian side to Spain's biggest party island. Experience a luxury trip to a contemporary five-star hotel and delectable Michelin-star restaurants as chill tunes echo from Ibiza's quiet beach clubs and pretty coves glisten.

Discover Ibiza's boho revival


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