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Bringing a wine ecommerce brand to life

A German startup had a desire to establish an ecommerce company, specializing in delivering wine and spirits directly to customers' homes for special occasions. They approached me seeking a name and logo that would be suitable for multiple markets. The chosen name needed to have a soft and effortless sound, while also being easy to pronounce in various languages. After much consideration, I came up with an original, available .com domain, along with an inspired backstory. The resulting name, Comudora, was both catchy and playful - drawing inspiration from the god of revelry, Comus. This whimsical and joyful name also influenced the vibrant design of the logo and brand visuals. Combining bold lettering with splashes of colorful liquids added a celebratory touch. I'm pleased to share that Comudora has expanded successfully into two markets, now available in three languages.

A German startup was keen to launch an ecommerce business that specialised in delivering wine and spirits direct to customers’ homes for special occasions. The founders approached me for a name and logo that would work across markets.

The name needed to be easy to pronounce in multiple languages and completely invented - they also wanted a soft, light finish to the one-word name. I created a unique name that was available as a .com and still had an inspired backstory. The name Comudora was fun, snappy and inspired by Comus, the god of revelry.

The revelry of the name then inspired the colourful approach to the logo and brand visuals. Rich lettering was accompanied by splashes of colour in the form of liquids to add a celebratory element.

I’m delighted to report that Comudora has since expanded and is now available in two markets and three languages.


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