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SEO Content is King

For great SEO content writing and a well-written website that boosts your sales, count on an SEO content writer with years of experience that can reflect your brand to perfection.  

Me and my team of SEO Writers at Sgcontent, offer different packages from basic versions for simple landing pages to our ultimate bundle to help you achieve your brand goals. 

Webiste content

The equivalent of your shop window, your website needs to communicate your brand messaging with potential customers from the moment they click. You want them to enjoy a smooth customer journey, to feel engaged and to understand how your brand is going to solve their problems. 

For great SEO content writing and a well-written website that boosts your sales, count on website content writer with years of experience and a professional team to reflect your brand perfectly.  

Online press releases

An SEO press release writing service is an excellent opportunity to catch the attention of an online writer. A press release writing demands a highly qualified eye to spot great stories in a sea of information. An SEO writer with journalist experience and SEO research skills can find the stories that are waiting to be told, develops them in exciting detail, and portrays them in a way that grabs a journalist’s blog post editor attention to publish your press release. 

Ecommerce content

Online Ecommerce Content that really sells only happens when it's created effectively by experts. The big sell isn’t just about pushing your products; it is about telling your target market how you are going to make their lives better. We can help you harness your messaging and present your products as indispensable to your potential customers. We create a copy that makes your products look desirables. That’s the power of words. We have written product descriptions for everything from fitness accessories to luxury handbags.

Blog post content

A crucial part of your digital marketing strategy, blogging is a great way to communicate with readers, present yourself as an authority and improve your search engine ranking.  
Blog content writing is about more than just writing a post; it needs to be strategic, including SEO keywords and meta content so you can rank well. Search engines also look for unique content and good grammar.

Work with a Journalist that's also an expert blog post writer, Me and team to create a blogging strategy that is also interesting and informative that keeps your consumers engaged and crawl by search engines. 

What Our Clients Say

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Rupert Murray Commercial Editor | Telegraph Mediagroup

I have worked with Sarah across several roles commissioning her to write editorial and commercial content and have always received perfect, clean and interesting copy. She is always a joy to work with, always happy to go above and beyond what I would expect from a freelancer and cares deeply about the content she produces. Five stars. Or six if she were a cruise ship

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