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What makes your brand unique?

Your brand development strategy

Why should someone buy from your brand? 


How are you communicating that your product or service is superior?


In a competitive market, we have to do more than present the facts and figures of our products to stand out. Modern consumers want to buy from brands they love. They want to understand what a brand stands for and connect with it emotionally, and they weigh these elements seriously when it comes to purchasing decisions. One of the best ways to form these connections is not new. It starts with the biological impact of storytelling.


Emotional storytelling sends a natural wave of dopamine through our brains, making us feel good and tapping into the area associated with memory. This means telling brand stories can impact your audience positively, and create memories that deepen their attachment to your brand. 

If you want to stand out in today’s market, you need an intentional brand messaging strategy to help your personality shine. You need to communicate with consumers in natural and engaging ways, leveraging approaches like storytelling to share your beliefs and establish a positive brand perception.

The foundations of your best branding

As a brand development consultant, I help brands around the world uncover what makes them unique and inject that personality into each word they share. I tell brand stories that inspire and develop brand tone of voice, so a company's entire staff knows how to communicate with consumers. I developed imaginative brand and product names, taglines that drive consumers to take action, and brand messaging pillars that companies are built on.


Your business is only as strong as its foundations, so it is worth conducting an in-depth analysis of your brand and the marketplace. I offer that journalist’s nose to help you get started, and the creativity to bring your story to life.

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Words that create worlds

I’m proud of the work I have done as a brand strategy consultant, helping businesses engage audiences and grow with confidence. I have developed names for jewellery and cosmetics brands, created stories for wine and lifestyle companies, and put together brand messaging guidelines for clients ranging from tech companies to motivational coaches. When you work with me, we collaborate to tell your brand story. Together, we will uncover the perfect words to build an engaging world for your brand.

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